7 different colours with selected 1mm stones are available for LITTLES.
The difference between white / brown / gray diamonds are quite subtle, yet bringing different nuance. Please refer to available stones and colours below.


Many of our products are very delicate. Avoid dropping, hitting, pulling with excessive force or applying pressure as it may cause damage. Product might get caught in garments, resulting in an unexpected accident. Handle with care.
Remove product during physical work and sport. To ensure jewellery lasts a lifetime, we recommend you to wipe with jewellery cloth regularly or clean if necessary. You can clean your jewellery at home with warm soap water and a soft toothbrush. Do not wash pearls, moonstones, and onyx, as they are sensitive to water.
Silver jewellery reacts to moisture, dust and sweat due to the characteristics of the material, resulting in tarnish. To maintain the natural white shine of silver, we recommend polishing with a silver polishing cloth regularly.


Please refer to this ring chart below. Other sizes are also available so please do not hesitate to ask at if your size is not on the chart.


We offer complimentary resizing service on ROOTS. If you need to resize, please contact at within 3 days of receiving the product. Please allow 3-4 weeks for resizing, including delivery from us. Customer is responsible for shipping and compensation fee in case of damage and loss.
EAR-RING is not a subject to resizing service as it is free size.

Repair service is available to all our products, however, the customer is responsible for repair cost. Please contact at in case you need repair.