Ami Masamitsu is a jewellery designer based in London. Her eponymous brand has established in 2017 after graduating Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, following her training at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Ami is drawn to finding beauty in fragility. The philosophy of her craft is rooted in her desire to understand one’s tendency to be moved by forms and objects that are on the brink of breaking, disintegrating or, indeed, being lost entirely. This is what attracts her to jewellery: a medium that requires a sensibility for the scale, volume and thickness of fragile materials.

Each collection echoes her philosophy of ‘praising the shadows’; showcasing the elements that all too often play background roles in life. Her aim is to discover aesthetic value hidden in the shadows and bring it into the light.

Ami’s jewellery seems suspended in mid air. It accompanies the body which, when imbued with the soul of the piece, reflects its own delicacy.